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André van Rooyen Helps South African Business Owners Succeed

New ActionCOACH Business Coach brings experience and expertise to Gauteng Province

April 23, 2014

LAS VEGAS – If you talk to any ActionCOACH Business Coach, you will find that typically their top motivation for entering the coaching industry is their desire to help their community. André van Rooyen is no different. After an early retirement from the corporate world and completing his MBA in 2013, van Rooyen wanted to help business owners and when he came across ActionCOACH he knew he had found the vehicle to make that happen.

ActionCOACH is the world’s leader in business and executive coaching. When Brad Sugars, Chairman and Founder, started the company in 1993, when the concept of business coaching was still in its infancy. By franchising the company in 1997, Sugars helped business coaching become more mainstream turning it into the second fastest growing category behind Information Technology.  ActionCOACH specializes in coaching small to medium sized businesses as well as executive teams and group coaching.

“I wanted to be my own boss and work from home. During my corporate career I was responsible for individual and team coaching, something I found myself to be good at and something that I enjoyed. It seems to be a good second career,” van Rooyen said. “As a life-long Banker I dealt with numerous businesses and it often struck me how some businesses appear to thrive despite mistakes and poor decisions being made by the business owners. These businesses invariably had no life of its own and often had to wind down when the business owner was no longer able to run it. As an ActionCOACH, the knowledge and experience I have can now be used to create a career for me and also help small businesses to assume a profitable life of its own.”

“During my career as a banker I found that the owners of small and medium size businesses often lacked formal business training and learnt “on the job”. They were invariably entirely on their own with nobody with whom they could discuss practical business issues and problems. Whilst Accountants, Lawyers and Bankers do provide business owners with advice when asked to do so, such advice is often more beneficial to the relevant Accountant, Lawyer or Banker than to the business itself.”

“The late Nelson Mandela once commented that unemployment and poverty was the curse of Africa. If business owners could be shown how to grow and expand their businesses, opportunities will be created for increased employment and this will contribute towards poverty alleviation. As a Business Coach I will have the opportunity to help rid South Africa of the aforementioned curse, one business at a time.”

Van Rooyen is a franchise owner with his office located in Randburg, South Africa.He began his journey as an ActionCOACH Business Coach in Las Vegas, Nevada where the ActionCOACH Global Office is located. Here he spent 10 days training with other new firm owners and business coaches from around the world. They learned the ins and outs of ActionCOACH, how to run a business the ActionCOACH way, branding, systems and techniques, as well as how to apply their knowledge to any business and much more. 

“ActionCoach is a very professionally run business aimed at satisfying a tremendous need in business,” van Rooyen said. “And I’m very much looking forward to making a success outside of the corporate world and to make a difference in the lives of my clients.”

ActionCOACH is the world’s number one business coaching and executive coaching firm, with more than 1,000 offices in more than 50 countries, coaching more than 15,000 businesses every week. To learn more, go to actioncoach.com.

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